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What cold weather means for CEV batteries

As cold temperatures are known to impact EV battery range and performance, planning for winter months can help optimize uptime and extend the battery’s life.

Beating the Heat: Advancements in Thermal Management for Commercial EVs

Adapting EV technology for commercial vehicles poses unique engineering challenges.

Thermal management maximizes performance and reliability for commercial EVs

The transportation industry is shifting from internal combustion engine (ICE) to electric propulsion, and manufacturers of commercial and specialty vehicles are busy developing and launching their EV platforms.

Unlock Reliability, Performance, and Durability in Commercial EVs

As the transportation industry shifts its focus to EVs, innovation in the field is as brisk and vibrant as any change in technology the world has ever seen.

Employing EVs in Extreme Climates – How To Keep Your Evs At Peak Performance During Winter

We chatted with Gina Bonini of Modine to gather insight on the differences between using EVs versus conventional vehicles in cold weather.

Modine’s Gina Bonini Explains How to Manage EVs in Cold Weather

Fleet Management Weekly asked Gina Bonini, VP and GM of Advanced Thermal Systems at Modine, about the challenges of keeping Electric Vehicles (EVs) up and running in wintry weather.

Battery management key to maximizing winter EV use | Commercial Carrier Journal (

While the list for winter maintenance requirements on electric trucks and vans is fairly short compared to their internal combustion counterparts, experts agree that powertrain battery management should rank at the top.

Thermal Management Unlocks Safety, Dependability, Range, and Longevity

Thermal management in commercial EVs is one of the least visible, but most cutting-edge frontiers in EV transportation. This North American Clean Energy article explores how the right temperature improves performance, longevity, and safety, and enhances battery charging speeds.

How Modine is Helping The Transition to Electric Vehicles

Gina Bonini, Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Thermal Systems at Modine Manufacturing Company, sat down with TD Ameritrade Network to discuss Modine EVantage’s thermal management systems for commercial EV vehicles and the overall transition to the EV market. View her interview and learn more about the future of Modine and Modine EVantage.

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