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Quality is at the Foundation of All Our Products

We are committed to provide the highest quality standards for all our products and services.

Modine is driven by our purpose: Engineering A Cleaner, Healthier World. Our strategic journey requires a uniting force that grounds us, inspires us and energizes us as we address the world’s most important challenges though innovative products and services with superior quality.

Our quality policy is the foundation of Modine’s Quality Management System, and our team of engineers support our core principles to which we commit by consistently providing products, processes, and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and continually improve processes to provide superior quality in our products and services.

Quality at All Levels

To ensure our products provide our customers with the best experience, all EVantage thermal products are tested in every development and design integration stage with robust quality management systems. All components are tested to ensure their independent functionality meets the system’s requirements and our customer standards. We test every layer of components and assemblies in our systems to ensure our products endure the harshest environments. Our engineers follow detailed protocols of quality tests and standards to ensure mechanical, functional, and electrical integrity. We don’t stop with our products; all software is designed to minimize the risks of cyber threats to your vehicle. EVantage thermal products are designed and validated to meet the most stringent requirements to ensure optimal vehicle performance.

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