Cabin Climate System


As you design the future of clean technology, Modine is ready to help with proven thermal systems engineered to quickly and seamlessly integrate into your design.

Passenger Comfort in a Simple, Compact Solution


Reduce design complexity with your HVAC system with the Modine EVantage Cabin Climate System (CCS). The CCS provides optimal temperature regulation and control for an electric vehicle’s cabin in all climates, providing complete heating and cooling solutions for your electric vehicle’s cabin HVAC system. The CCS is a comprehensive solution for many applications, including commercial, industrial, off-highway, and specialty electric vehicles. Equipped with Modine smart electric components, an integrated master thermal controller, and Modine-developed firmware, HVAC system development is efficient with its lightweight design for small space claims.

Includes All Smart Electric Components for Optimal Heating and Cooling

Designed with the Modine EVantage High-Voltage Electric Compressor, High-Voltage Coolant Heater, and coolant pump the CCS provides immediate heating and cooling.


The CCS can simply and easily integrate into an electric vehicle’s HVAC system, providing a comprehensive thermal management system that easily connects to the heating coils and evaporator of the electric vehicle.

Plug and Play for Fast Integration

EVantage systems are designed for fast and easy integration into your chassis. All necessary heat exchangers, smart electric products, wiring and hoses are included, as well as a master controller and tailored firmware to provide complete operation upon delivery.

Our team of Modine application engineers will validate that one of our standard configuration systems meets your needs or customize a design to fit your application.


Designed for Heavy Duty Operation

Verified to meet the most stringent validation testing, EVantage systems have been proven to withstand heavy vibration environments with Modine-fabricated rugged, anti-corrosive enclosures and flexible, vehicle-grade wiring harnesses and refrigerant hoses.

Avoid Roadside Breakdowns

Each EVantage system is designed with redundancy in critical operations and fail-safe features to minimize field breakdowns. To find and fix issues before they occur, the system offers continuous datalogging of DM1 & DM2 faults and tracks the accumulated runtime on each component, enabling preventative maintenance. When a repair is needed, the included EVantage Maintenance and Diagnostics software makes it easy to find and fix the failure.

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Designed to Fit Any Chassis

From Delivery Vans to Class 8 Trucks to Buses, Modine is ready to design a solution to meet the space constraints of any size chassis, from minor modifications of existing configurations to fully custom systems. Our designs are proven with over 30 programs currently in testing or full-scale production today.


Save Time with Validation Testing by Modine

With a state-of-the-art testing facility in Wisconsin, Modine offers comprehensive validation testing inhouse, from vehicular wind tunnel testing to component-level performance testing. Full vehicle vibration, pressure and thermal life cycle testing can be completed as well. Over the 100 years Modine has been in business, we have developed and perfected tests to verify design and replicate in-field experiences.

Evantage Thermal Systems Features

Flexible – Its small size makes it easy to fit in any chassis with its compact design

Reliable – Modine patented fail-safe system for maximum system reliability

Serviceable – Designed with EVantage thermal management systems standard components, the CCS can serviced seamlessly and easily

Convenient – Included master thermal controller with Modine-developed firmware


Weather Safe – Designed for harsh environments –ingress protection, corrosion resistant materials, fully sealed, rigorous validation testing


Easy Maintenance – Included Maintenance and Diagnostics Software for system monitoring, diagnostics message data logging and preventative maintenance tracking

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Maximize a work day with durable, energy efficient thermal systems for all loads
School Bus
Avoid roadside breakdowns and ensure dependable operation of your bus with our efficient, high reliability thermal systems
Transit & Coach Bus
Ensure a long life for your truck despite harsh environments and heavy vibration use with our robust, proven thermal systems
Fit the tight space constraints and extended range requirements of your delivery van with our compact thermal systems
Delivery Van

Customer Testimonials

Tim Letts

At Elgin, we designed the hybrid Pelican to deliver outstanding maneuverability and visibility while making a meaningful reduction in emissions without reducing the sweep performance our customers expect. We are committed to using the latest technologies for the street sweeping industry to meet the sustainability goals of our customers. Together with Modine, we are powering a generation of sweepers that pollute less to deliver truly cleaner and greener streets across North America. We are excited for this partnership and the integration of advanced thermal management technology to continue delivering uncompromised performance for heavy-duty cycle sweeping applications.

Roger Lackore

Strategic partnerships like the one with Modine help us minimize the environmental impact of our products by accelerating the use of alternative energy in the firefighting industry, and do so with reliable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Eric Fisher

The collaboration between Shyft and Modine builds on each company’s strengths. Our expertise in developing and manufacturing custom chassis and work truck bodies through our Shyft Work-Driven Design™ process combined with Modine’s deep experience in EV thermal management for medium-duty trucks means we can help ensure safety and functionality for our commercial electric fleet customers.”

David White

The EVantage BTMS provides dependability for our customers while meeting our environmental and cooling load requirements. We are proud to collaborate with Modine in building the future of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

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