Vehicle System Solutions


Lithium Ion Battery Packs

Most electric commercial vehicle lithium-ion battery packs must be maintained in a narrow temperature window of 20°C to 45°C during both charge and discharge cycles. A Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) is commonly used to maintain this temperature range. EVantage Thermal Management Systems offers BTMSs for reduced-emission commercial vehicles.

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Power Electronics and Traction Motors

Every electric commercial vehicle has power electronics – DC-DC converters, inverters, traction motors, and onboard chargers. Power electrics consistently support an electric commercial vehicle’s performance, durability, and safety. These components can have varied derating temperature requirements ranging from 50 – 65° C. A cooling module must maintain those temperatures to ensure the power electrics stay within their derating temperature range. The EVantage Electronics Cooling Package ECP can cool electric commercial vehicles’ power electronics and onboard chargers to ensure optimal performance.

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Cabin Climate Solutions

Commercial vehicle operators and passengers spend a significant amount of time in the vehicle during the workday. Designing a cabin climate solution can provide operators with the comfort they need.

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