With multi-zone cooling, each ECP is designed to your specification with small to large fan arrays that operate only when required, minimizing the power draw.

Customizable – Multiple configurations for different space constraints and cooling capacity

Reliable – Modine patented fail-safe system for maximum system reliability

Flexible – Different mounting options – roof, chassis, body – available testing

Convenient – Included master thermal controller with Modine-developed firmware and SAEJ1939 CAN communications


Weather Safe – Designed for harsh environments – IP67 ingress protection, corrosion resistant materials, fully sealed wiring harness, rigorous validation testing


Easy Maintenance – Included Maintenance and Diagnostics Software for system monitoring, diagnostics message data logging and preventative maintenance tracking


Modine’s EVantage™ thermal management team is here to help you overcome your thermal challenges for your commercial electric vehicle.


Modine has been leading the way in thermal management across a wide variety of applications including automotive and transportation for over 100 years.


EVantage systems are designed for fast and easy integration into your chassis.


Designed to fit any chassis from delivery vans to trucks and buses, Modine is ready to support you with standard configuration systems or a custom design to meet your needs.


Our proprietary diagnostic and maintenance software provides timely information when and where it is needed.

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